Canadian Dental Care Plan

Experience the Benefits of the Canadian Dental Care Plan

Everyone has the right to access dental treatments that are accessible, reliable, and high-quality. Today, this is possible with the CDCP, the Canadian Dental Care Plan. By participating in the program, you can access multiple oral health treatments, each of which can ensure the functionality and aesthetic of your unique smile.

What to Expect

At Manchester Dental, our team can help you as you navigate the process of becoming part of the CDCP.

  • Once you receive approval from the CDCP, you will be eligible for routine dental cleanings, fillings, root canal therapy, extractions and dentures. Many other services are eligible, but need to be pre-approved by the CDCP.
  • Don’t wait to receive the dental treatment you need. Speak with one of our team members to review your coverage details and how to get started on your dental journey.


If you meet the following criteria, you may be eligible for CDCP:

  • A Canadian resident (for tax purposes)
  • You have submitted your income tax return for the previous year
  • You do not have any current dental insurance
  • An adjusted family income of less than $90,000

Please visit the official program page to find out more about these qualifications.

Fast Facts

  • It takes about 3 months for Service Canada to approve candidates for the program, so we recommend applying as soon as you can.
  • This is a government program meant to ease financial barriers and assist Canadians with their dental expenses.
  • The level of coverage you receive is based on the adjusted net income of your family. See below for a more detailed breakdown:
Family Income (Annual) CDCP Coverage (%)
<$70,000 100+ co-pay *see note below
$70,000 – $79,999 60+ co-pay *see note below
$80,000 – $89,999 40+ co-pay *see note below
>$90,000 0

*Note: The level of coverage is based on CDCP fees. You will be required to make the CDCP co-payment as well as any portion of usual standard fees that are not covered by the CDCP.

Call Us Today to Get Started

Your oral health greatly impacts your general health and overall well-being. Don’t let your smile hold you back –it should be something you’re proud to show off!

We welcome new and existing clients with CDCP coverage! Give us a call or contact us today to learn how Manchester Dental can help you achieve your dental needs.