Tooth Extractions in Edmonton

Tooth Extractions Near You

At Affinity Dental Kingsway, our team does everything we can to keep your natural teeth healthy and strong so that your smile can last for a lifetime. However, sometimes the best thing to do for your oral health is to extract a tooth that has become seriously decayed or damaged. We are happy to provide our patients with tooth extractions in Edmonton.

tooth extractions in edmonton

When Are Tooth Extractions Required?

While we will do our best to keep your natural teeth in your mouth for as long as possible, sometimes tooth extractions near you are necessary. Some situations that may warrant a tooth extraction include:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Teeth that have been affected by gum disease
  • A badly damaged tooth that cannot be fixed with a crown

When you visit our team for an examination, our dentist will determine the extent of damage or infection and determine if tooth extractions Kingsway are appropriate.

What Happens During a Tooth Extraction?

The idea of getting a tooth extracted can be daunting, but there is nothing to fear. When you visit our dentist in Edmonton for a tooth extraction, the process will begin with our dentist administering a local anesthetic to ensure that you do not feel pain. Next, they will gently lift your tooth out of its socket after loosening it with a special dental tool.

If you require the removal of a tooth underneath the gum line, then our dentist will need to make a small incision in your gums after providing you with a numbing agent so that they can access and remove the affected tooth.

Healing from a Tooth Extraction

It is normal to experience a small amount of discomfort after a tooth extraction. You can use a cold compress and over-the-counter painkillers to help with this. It is important that you follow your dentist’s instructions for healing to ensure that you heal quickly and without any complications.

Interested in Tooth Extractions Near You?

If you are interested in tooth extractions in Edmonton, our team at Affinity Dental Kingsway is happy to help. Please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team of dental professionals to book your tooth extraction in Kingsway.