6 Reasons Why Teeth Whitening is Done Best at Dental Office

6 Reasons Why Teeth Whitening is Done Best at Dental Office

Teeth whitening near you is excellent for obtaining a dazzling smile and boosting self-confidence. However, there is a significant difference between store-bought and at-home teeth whitening kits and expert, professional-recommended, and professionally operated teeth whitening treatments.

Individuals from your first connections might suggest you go for teeth whitening alone. However, we advise visiting a skilled dentist in Edmonton to examine your teeth’s color and present a whitening treatment accordingly. 

To convince you further about getting professional teeth whitening in Edmonton here’s

The Importance of Choosing a Dental Office For Professional Teeth Whitening:

There are multiple risks involved in conducting teeth-whitening methods at home. What if you fail to apply the products equally to all your teeth and the final result is not up to your expectations? What if the teeth-whitening kit has inferior products and harms your mouth even worse? 

In these and other scenarios as well, it is essential to go to a professional dentist in your area and get whitening done. Following that, here are the six reasons for it, explained one by one in depth:

1. Quicker and Longer-Lasting Results

People choose teeth whitening to produce a more appealing, fairer smile and to remove stains that may occur on the outermost layers of their teeth. However, results are only sometimes assured with at-home kits that a dentist doesn’t recommend.

Consider visiting a dental professional to whiten your teeth instead to ensure faster results and a brighter grin that lasts longer. It ensures the solution is properly done and safeguards are taken for great outcomes.

2. Customization and Optimal Results

Everyone has distinct requirements when it comes to teeth whitening. Some people may only need to maintain the aesthetics of their teeth, while others may have serious discoloration and dental decay that must be addressed. 

As a result, it is critical to personalize the teeth-whitening technique to each patient’s particular needs, which can be accomplished with qualified dental whitening. Dentists can work with you to avoid enamel degradation alongside additional dental problems that may cause whitening treatment side effects.

3. Safer Than Store-Bought Kits

Commercial dental whitening kits have unintended consequences, such as high levels of sensitivity and enamel erosion. On the contrary, professional teeth whitening can avoid the possibility of producing tooth sensitivity or harming oral health in any manner. 

In reality, teeth whitening entails the consumption of chemicals. A correctly applied teeth whitening solution can greatly benefit your teeth, but it is often necessary to seek expert assistance to assure safety and results.

4. Enhances Efficiency, Longevity, and Saves Time

Another main reason some people are hesitant to visit a dentist’s office for expert tooth whitening is because they believe the process is complicated and time-consuming. 

On the contrary, professional teeth whitening can be completed in a single session of several hours at most. In rare cases, dentists can even supply a professional teeth-whitening kit to use at home, which is usually far more successful than over-the-counter teeth-whitening kits.

5. Prevents Gum Irritation

The tooth-whitening strips and trays sold in stores are universally applicable, which means they won’t fit everyone because everyone’s mouth and teeth are unique. As a consequence, a number of the active chemicals will come into contact with your mouth’s tissues, irritating them.

 Whenever you receive treatment for teeth whitening, the dentist carefully covers your tongue, cheeks, and gums with the whitening agent’s active ingredient. Further, they gently apply a cushioning gel to your gums and utilize dental equipment like a biting barrier and cheek retractor to protect your lips and delicate tissues within your mouth from hydrogen peroxide.

6. Avoids Tooth Sensitivity

As the active component penetrates the enamel to dissolve discolorations, teeth whitening may cause temporary irritation. The professional whitening treatment uses chemicals that benefit your teeth and help alleviate sensitivity. In addition, after whitening, you can apply a gel to reduce sensitivity. But make sure the gel is dentist-recommended.

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The essence of this entire article is that professional teeth whitening is a secure, impactful, and tailor-made way to create a more radiant smile with lasting enhancements. If you want to transform the appearance of your teeth, visiting a dental practitioner for professional whitening is always a good idea.

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