What To Do If Your Child Swallows Toothpaste?

Things to do If child swallows toothpaste

As your kids grow, they explore the world around them, sometimes in unexpected ways. One such adventure might be swallowing toothpaste. Don’t panic. Our dentist near you are here to guide you through what to do if your child accidentally swallows toothpaste.

Understanding Toothpaste

First things first, let’s talk about toothpaste. It’s a gooey stuff we use to clean our teeth, keeping them strong and shiny. But did you know that toothpaste has ingredients that are safe in small amounts but not good if swallowed in large quantities? That’s why we spit it out after brushing.

What Happens If They Swallow It

If your child swallows a little bit of toothpaste while brushing, it’s usually not a big deal. Their tummy might feel a bit funny, but it’s usually harmless. However, swallowing a lot of toothpaste, especially the ones with fluoride, can cause some problems and require to visit a dentist open on weekends if it’s an emergency.

Steps to Take

Sr. No. Steps Description
1.  Stay Calm Don’t panic. Take a deep breath. Your child needs you to be calm and in control.
2. Check the Amount If it’s just a tiny bit of toothpaste, your child will be okay. But if they’ve swallowed a lot, keep an eye out for any symptoms.
3. Rinse Their Mouth Give your child a sip of water to rinse out the remaining toothpaste. It can help wash away any excess and reduce the chance of any problems.
4. Monitor for Symptoms Keep an eye on your child for the next hour or so. If they start feeling sick, dizzy or have an upset tummy, it’s time to take action.
5. Call the Poison Control Center If your child is showing any symptoms or if you’re worried, don’t hesitate to call the Poison Control Center. They’re experts in helping in situations like this.
6. Follow Their Advice The folks at the Poison Control Center will give you specific instructions based on your child’s condition. Follow their advice carefully.
7. Seek Medical Help if Needed In rare cases where a child has swallowed a large amount of toothpaste containing fluoride, they might need medical attention. Visit a dentist open on Saturday in an emergency.


Prevention Tips

  • Use a Pea-sized Amount: Teach your child to use only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste when brushing. It reduces the risk of swallowing too much.
  • Supervise Brushing: Until your child is old enough to brush on their own safely, supervise their brushing sessions. This way, you can ensure they’re using the right amount of toothpaste and spitting it out properly.
  • Choose Fluoride-Free Toothpaste: If you’re worried about your child swallowing toothpaste, you can opt for fluoride-free toothpaste until they’re old enough to understand not to swallow it.
  • Store Toothpaste Safely: Keep toothpaste out of reach of young children. Store it in a place where they can only get to it slowly.

To Sum It Up

Accidents happen, and sometimes kids swallow toothpaste. But with the proper steps, you can handle the situation calmly and keep your child safe. Remember, staying calm, rinsing their mouth, and seeking help if needed are key. And remember to teach your child about the importance of spitting out toothpaste after brushing. With a bit of knowledge and preparation, you’ve got this, parents.

Affinity Dental Kingsway offers emergency services for situations like your child swallowing toothpaste. We’re here to provide quick and expert assistance when accidents happen. Undoubtedly, your child’s safety is undeniable to our dentist in Edmonton.